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On the 14th of December 2017 in Brussels at the BEL Building the results of the research developments of the DKA Vlaanderen project:
Adapt for life
was released to the public. EUIA PRESS was at the event
to record some interviews for this project group. naar de playlist 
Adapt for life DKA Vlaanderen event Brussel BEL GEBOUW van adaptforlife #np op #SoundCloud
BEL Brussel, Adapt for life  donderdag 14 december
Thurn & Taxis
(Havenlaan 86C/3002, Brussel

Skin Health, Fundamental EU Research

Manipulating genes could modulate the homeostasis of the skin ...RNASEBGLAND — Result In BriefProject ID: 627547Funded under: FP7-PEOPLECountry: SwedenDomain: Health, Fundamental ResearchGenetic and epigenetic cross-talk and effects on acne developmentSebaceous glands (SGs) have a dual role – lipid metabolism and inflammation. Study of master gene regulators involved may hold the key to effective therapies for diseases such as acne that affects up to 90 % of teenagers in the Western world.© MASTER PHOTO 2017, ShutterstockThe EU-funded RNASEBGLAND (Regulation of gene expression in sebaceous glands) project has identified and linked common genetic programmes and their possible regulators in SGs that lead to this interesting dual function and related inflammatory diseases. Stimuli in acne and dermatitis, toll like receptor (TLR) 2 and four activators induced a significant number of genes in SG cells. Clustering these genes revealed that they are primarily involved in inflammation. Other …