1 day after Womensday 2018 - 9 March 2018

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When is Womensday? * 8 March

Made some notes while watching TV,
At the Dutch television there was something about the UN resolutions and missions and that
The Netherlands was appointed President of the UN Security Council for this month.
My country leading the meetings and making notes, having control on the agenda of the biggest peace-making or peace-keeping organisation in the world.
A serious role for a country, an important moment, being priviledge to lead the meeting.
Trouble shooting, making notes and discuss each point in the meetings.
Symbolic at 8-3, (Womensday)

UN Library  - Resources SG reports 2018 - 198 Afghanistan, North Korea, .. 

At the same time i saw a Dutch filmer who made it to Hollywood, 
Jan de Bont, was with the interviewer Twan Huys at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam looking at Ed van der Elske his photo's

He was talking about the good old days, making movies and 
how he made his movies,..
Get people to feel safe!
Talk to them, befor you start shooting your film or photo's
Don't use a tripod but put the cam on your shoulder.
Use historical places and make people feel comfortable.
People live in fear or anger, and sometimes they don't know what 
is going on, so relax and try to be the perfect medium.
An author, filmer, director and cinematograph if you can.
Start something bigger than you ever did and be visible.

It's okay to make documentairies about people.
Ask them to look into the lens.
take away their fear. Let them forget the violence.
Talk to the actors.

These quotes made me realise that i am not a real
people's person and my autism might be the reason of it.

The same night i saw ( It is here autistic) : 
Dutch : Het is hier autistisch from the BNN NPO / with Filemon
a presentor with the spectrum himself, asking the questions.
This amazing TV program - 8 episodes is a wonderful way to see a point of view on how people deal with it. live with autism.
It is always about a diagnose, neurological distress,
sometimes a child with incontinence and non-verbal.

It starts with great interviews and following the people with 
the autism spectrum , about the way a child with autism can feel.
How people who are already living for 22 years in 1 house with care
are able to repeat the daily life again and again and be happy.
Not being able to deal with changes.
A women who walked her whole life and was addicted to it.
Obsessions, being afraid of something, sensorical stimulations.
The sensitivity of the head, ears and hearing everything, eyes and seeing so many impulses - getting so many thoughts, the nose and smells - feeling the breathing as a mindblowing thing - every breath means something, taste and knowing when and where it was you've taste it first, how many times you did eat or smell it.
Counting, thinking, dreaming, .. letting go and being confronted again and again.
read about it on :

Play time? Talk time? Relax time? Learn how to deal with changes?

Having so much to say, being full in the head?
Everything can confuse and upset someone with autism.
Lust, hunger, eating moments, can not stand to much impulses.
26 hour care in a day, 2 people needed every day.
Sleeping disorders, eating disorders, professionals needed.
Parents and their emotions. Family life, not being able to go outside.
Or not being able to walk. 
The results - effort of good attention - impact on family life
The benefits of professional care and a copy construction of a snoosroom where the autistic child can lose all the overstimulations.
Every day the same routine, How to create it and realise this with a PGB / personal budget for care
How people with this spectrum get to know other people?
1. 1 st meeting, 
2. follow up appointments? 
3. routine contact / no longer want to miss each other
4. activities together and being friends for life
Behaviour, Understanding, Respect, ..Unexpected things.
How often? Where? When? .. What are the benefits?
These questions might be strange but are a daily routine for people
A father and mother being creative and taking all the time to help the child is a unique and wonderful thing to see.
True love does exists.

At CANVAS, Bart Staes was on the TV talking about the EC
while searching on this website i found some press-messages.


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